Finding the complete list of valid initialization paramaters for the DefaultServlet in Tomcat 4.x.

Alessandro A. Garbagnati

Unfortunately there is nothing, in the documentation pages, that explains, or simply lists, all the possible initialization parameters of the DefaultServlet.
The only way to get an idea of all the parameters would be by opening the source code of that servlet (org.apache.catalina.servlets.DefaultServlets.java) and check what is present inside the init() method.

By doing that, I have found these parameters:

  • debug: the debugging detail level for this servlet (default is 0).
  • input: the input buffer size to use when serving resources (default is 2048).
  • listings: should we generate directory listings when no welcome file is present? (default is true)
  • readonly: read only flag (default, is true).
  • output: the output buffer size to use when serving resources (default is 2048).
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