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How are JMS, JTS, JTA, RMI, EJB, and CORBA related?

My session beans call other bean methods within a transaction. Using bean-managed transactions, how should I take care of commit and rollback ?

Are there any good books about transactions (especially w.r.t. to Java)?

What newsgroups and mailing lists are available for discussing transactions?

What is two-phase commit?

Can a JMS client obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

How does a JTS transaction manager perform an xa_open operation?

How does a client use the javax.transaction.xa package?

How does a client use the javax.jts package?

How does a client use the javax.transaction package?

Is it possible for server-side applications, for example, a JMS application, to play the role of a resource in a distributed transaction?

Is an EJB, JMS, or general-purpose Java application server a transaction manager?

Is it necessary for an entity bean to protect itself against concurrent access from multiple transactions?

How does an entity bean obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

How do you configure the transaction characteristics for a session bean with container-managed transactions?

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