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When a first request is made to a servlets the init() method is called for the first time and after that the threads will serve the subsequent requests. What will happen when 2 requests are made to a servlet at the same time immediately after the server has restarted?

Why do I get the error: SAX parser fatal error: External entity not found: "http://java.sun.com/dtd/web-app_2_3.dtd"?

How to notify the user to save data before the session expires? Then if the user does not respond, then save the data.

How to suppress the URL shown in the address bar?

I'd like to dynamically generate a PHP file from a servlet, then have Apache execute it. Is this possible? Setting the Content-type does not seem to help.

How can I access an NNTP newsgroup using JSP or Servlets?

How can I keep track of how may times my servlet is called?

Why does cookie.getMaxAge() always return -1 (regardless of real expiry)?

How to find the parent directory of a servlet?

Can an Application Scope Variable be clustered?

How to get international unicode characters from a a form input field/servlet parameter into a string?

What is the best way to generate a universally unique object ID? Do I need to use an external resource like a file or database, or can I do it all in memory?

How can I call the get method of a servlet automatically, when a *different* HTML page is loaded?

Can destroy() be called from inside the service() method of my servlet?

How do I redirect from a servlet in one context to a servlet in another? Specifically I'd like to know how to share objects between contexts.

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