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How do I execute a servlet from the command line, or from Unix shell program or Windows BAT file?

From a servlet, how do I access files and directories on the client's file system?

How can I read parameters from a multipart/form-data upload form?

How should I configure JBuilder7 to work on servlets?

How do I use HttpServletRequest.getHeaderNames() to get the names of the headers of the HTTP request?

How could I use NTLM Authentication to authenticate via Windows NT Authentication for a servlet based intranet-application ?

How can I set parameters in a JSP, something equivalent to setAttribute on a request object? That is, I need to do setParameter in order to read it as getParameter in the servlet.

How to deploy and run a simple servlet on websphere?

How to do a simple session timeout?

When using a dispatcher and calling .forward(), will doGet() or doPost() be called in the target servlet?

How can I access a configuration and/or log.properties file (stored under WEB-INF) in a web application?

There is an HttpSessionBindingListener for changes to the session. Is there anything similar for changes of ServletContext?

How do I keep Tomcat 4.1.x from persisting Session Objects?

Why shouldn't we make the service() method synchronized?

What is the maximum length of the data we can send through the get() method?

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