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Is there a mailing list for the discussion of servlets?

What is a servlet development framework?

What work is happening towards creating Servlet API v2.3?

Should I override the service() method?

What are all the different kinds of servers? (Such as Web Servers, Application Servers, etc)

How can I maintain "application scope data" in Servlets or JSPs as ASPs do?

How can I access or create a file or folder in the current directory from inside a servlet?

How do I call one servlet from another servlet?

Can a servlet add request parameters into a request object before passing on the request to another servlet or jsp?

I need to communicate from my servlet to another independent process. Can I use the RequestDispatcher instead of opening a socket connection?

I've installed the JSWDK and it says I've run out of environment space when I try to start the server. How do I increase the amount of environment space under Windows?

How can I download a file (for instance, a Microsoft Word document) from a server using a servlet and an applet?

How does the performance of JSP pages compare with that of servlets? How does it compare with Perl scripts?

What's the difference between the JSDK and the JSWDK? And what's the current version?

Can a servlet maintain a JTA UserTransaction object across multiple servlet invocations?

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