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Is there any limit on the time duration of an RMI call? Does RMI support timeouts?

When implementing methods of remote interface, what's the design pattern for handling exceptions in those methods? Should I catch all Throwables and rethrow RemoteException, or will the stub take care of it?

How I can set the maximum number of requests that can be handled by a multithreaded RMI server(an object which extends UnicastRemoteObject)?

Can I call a JNI method using RMI?

What is a replicated RMI Object?

Is there any way to catch the situation where the server side of the RMI program fails to return to the client (i.e. client calls a method on the server and while the server is processing, the client machine dies...I want to be able to catch this on the server side)

How can I create and register a custom RMI stub generated dynamically using the new JDK 1.3 dynamic proxy classes?

How can my CORBA client (written in C++) communicate with an RMI server using the RMI/IIOP mechanism?

Under what circumstances would I get a java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException?

Why is rmic invoked on the implementation class and not on the remote interface?

If the RMI client & server are located on the same machine, what is the overhead of invoking remote method in this situation compared to a local method call? Will the call go through the entire TCP/IP stack, stub and skeleton or will it will be treated as a local invocation?

Is there a way to run rmiregisty and my RMI servers in the background under Win32?

I get "com.sun.rmi.rmid.ExecOptionPermission" when I try to use ActivationGroupID constructor with a policy file as property. I've read that I need to set a specific rmid policy file but my tries failed. What could be wrong here?

Where can I find the official documentation of the Sun Java SDK tools?

Where can I find the API documentation for Activation?

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