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I have some small jsp fragments stored in a database. The fragments are templates that are used to display objects in my system.

How to show money format on the JSP page?

How can I optimize my JSP pages for better search engine placement?

How can I set parameters in a JSP, something equivalent to setAttribute on a request object? That is, I need to do setParameter in order to read it as getParameter in the servlet.

I'm working on a web application.in the login page,I have to check the user password and compare with the encrypted password stored in database. anybody can recommand some easy encryption sample to encrypt and decrypt password

I am trying to display a set of records and each
record contains 2 or 3 fields along with a submit button and whenever the user clicks the button i would like to track the contents of the respective record and pass it as the paramter to the next jsp.

I need more screen "real-estate" for my JSP application. How do I remove the toolbars in IE and netscape to increase screen "real-estate"? Need it for evey screen of the application.

   This is a post the goes along with my previous message. I have a servlet in which I need to forward the request, however, I need to remove some of the values.

Can JSTL use connection pool? Can anyone give an example scripts and configuration files?

I want to redirect users to a secure site. Below is serverside code written in ASP. I would like to know how I can do the same in JSP.

I need to display pictures (to the client browser) that are located elsewhere than in my application directory.

What is the best practice for providing "in-page" security.

Usually, while developing applications, there is a common header and footer for all pages.Such header and footer pages can either be saved as a jsp file or as a html file. If there are no dynamic contents in the header & footer file, then,is it advisable to save them as html pages and then use the <% @ include file="header.html" %>. Or is it advisable to have it as a jsp file and access it using the tag <jsp: include page="header.jsp">.

I was wondering would it be possible for JSP pages to update the value of the a combobox without reloading the page. Like for example with javascript I know you can do it there where ONCHANGE you call a function to change the values of the combobox and taht would work. But I was wondering can you do something like that with JSP maybe using some kind of custom tag or something.

How can I access an NNTP newsgroup using JSP or Servlets?

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