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What is a message filter, or selector?

Can a publishing client ensure the order of message deliver for, say, five messages, by manipulating the priority of each message from, say, 5 to 1?

Can a publishing client ensure message delivery by making a message durable?

How does message persistence affect the order of message production by a client and delivery by the JMS server?

What are the ramifications of having multiple consumers in one session for the same destination (queue or topic)?

Does JMS support distributed transactions?

Are messages received in the order they were sent/published?

Can a client (a publisher) detect whether or not there are subscribers to a topic?

Can a client produce a message to multiple destinations, that is, to a list?

Is it possible to use transacted sessions with other Java-technology, transaction processing facilities, for example, JTA?

If a session is configured as transacted, how are independent, or nontransaction-related, messages handled?

Is it possible for a client to send multiple messages and ensure that the entire set of messages is delivered?

What is a topic hierarchy?

Are messages thread-safe?

What are administered objects?

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