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Is it possible to acknowledge individual messages on a queue without affecting previously received, but as yet unacknowledged, messages?

What encryption options are there for sending messages through JMS?

What is the relationship between types of the sent JMS messages and types of the received JMS messages? Can they be different types?

What's MOM?

Are there any JMS implementations that utilize email under the covers for interclient communication?

Are there load tests available for JMS?

Using JMS we want to transfer files from server A to server B. Is there any limit to the size to a file that can be transfered using JMS? Is it possible, for example, to transfer 50- or 60-MB files.

What is the best way to implement the subscribe side in the pub/sub connection?

Is it better to have one topic and use properties to filter subscribers' interests or should you set up multiple topics? Is there a performance issue with having multiple topics versus multiple filters?

Can an EJB send asynchronous notifications to its clients?

Are there links (complete with code) to Java publish/subscribe examples? Also, are there tutorials?

I am using JMS to communicate between EJBs and client (GUI) classes in my application.

What are my options for leveraging JMS in a C++ environment?

How can I integrate JMS third-party software with EJB application servers (both J2SDKEE 1.2.1 and, for example, the WebLogic server)? And, how can I run the client application? A sample program would be useful?

I am a little confused about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of using JavaMail, JMS, and James Apache. Could someone please help me by clarifying these to decide which is the best solution to implement?