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Are there any JMS implementations that are optimized for mobile devices such as Palm? (The only product I know is iBus//mobile from Softwired.)

Is JMS the right thing for simple asynchronous message passing?

Is it possible to send email messages using JMS?

I would like to know what is the format of a JMS message. If I should create a JMS message without using javax.jms classes, how should I create this message?

Is there a standard JMS way that works with all JMS providers to notify a producer that there are new consumers subscribed? I found a way with my SpiritWave provider to do that--I just wait for SubscribtionEvent, but I think this will not work if I change to another JMS provider.

Is there a way to to send a message.acknowledge() for each and every message. The message.acknowledge() removes all the messages that have been received by a QueueReceiver.

Where can get JMS whitepapers?

Is there any relationship between javax.jms.Message and javax.mail.Message?

How do I communicate between two clients that are on different machines on a network using JMS? I want to use a standalone application for communicating between the machine and I want to pass the message using JMS.

Regarding a QueueBrowser, is it possible to associate a MessageSelector to it?

Can I send persistent messages to a queue? The JMS 1.0.2 specification says that the default message delivery mode is persistent. But when I send messages using default mode I see messages are nonpersistent. Why is that?

Is it possible to browse a topic? Or, is browsing only available on queues?

Will a message published in a TopicSession using a TopicConnection be received by a different TopicSession (in another JVM) via the MessageListener if used? Or, is asynchronous message handling only capable in the same JMS Session?

Where can I find JMS providers for data exchange? - 12.30.00

I want to use JMS for transfering data between two applications that are not on the same host. Where can I find JMS providers (that is, JMS implementations) for HTTP exchange, for file exchange, for socket exchange?