JMS Section Index | Page 10

Does a JMS environment represent a client/server distributed system?

What is a JMS domain?

Explain the terms broker, provider, and implementation with respect to JMS?

What are JMS messages?

What are the core JMS-related objects required for each JMS-enabled application?

How does JMS compare to peer-to-peer distributed computing?

What is publish/subscribe messaging?

What is point-to-point messaging?

Does the specification require that all JMS implementations provide both point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging?

Where can I find a short introduction to JMS, including code segments and example programs?

What's the JMS API like?

Where can I find more information on JMS?

Is it possible to develop distributed applications with JMS alone? Is it necessary to have a Java application server, EJB server, and so on?

What software do I need in order to add JMS message passing to my enterprise's existing distributed applications?

What else is missing from JMS?!

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