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Is there a way for a consumer in JMS to automatically send an acknowledgement message to a producer (not only to the server) to notify the reception of a message?

In a publish/subscribe model, how do you go about having one class be a listener for more than one topic? It seems logical to just create a TopicSubscriber for each topic you want to listen to. If so, should each TopicSubscriber be created under the same session or different sessions? Is there some rule of thumb to follow or does it not make a difference?

Is it possible to communicate between different EJBs and between EJB and servlets through JMS? If so, how? Are there links to related references? Your help will be appreciated.

Is there any reason why a message can't be sent to an applet via JMS?

How can JMS be used from EJB 1.1?

Is there an interface to Microsoft's MSMQ server from/to JMS and is there an interface from/to IBM's MQSeries?

Does the JMS specification require compatibility between JMS implementations, or will all parties involved have to use the same vendor?

The JMS API describes the ConnectionFactory and TopicConnectionFactory.

Is there a mailing list for discussion of the JMS API?

Can a JMS client obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

Is it possible for server-side applications, for example, a JMS application, to play the role of a resource in a distributed transaction?

Is an EJB, JMS, or general-purpose Java application server a transaction manager?

Can different threads manipulate the same transaction?

What are the ramifications of mixing JTA and non-JTA transactions where the same resources are involved?

How does a client application create a transaction object?

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