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Why do I get UnsatisfiedLinkError when I try to use my JDBC driver?

DB2 Universal claims to support JDBC 2.0, But I can only get JDBC 1.0 functionality. What can I do?

How can I ensure that my SQL statements meet SQL standards to get maximum portability?

My driver claims to support JDBC 2.0, but some methods get an unsupported exception. How can I verify that the driver will work?

How can I overwrite blob data in an Oracle database?

I've heard that I can save space by allowing NULLs for columns where no value is supplied. Is that correct?

How do I disallow NULL values in a table?

How to get a field's value with ResultSet.getxxx when it is a NULL?

How do I insert/update records with some of the columns having NULL value?

Is there a way to find the primary key(s) for an Access Database table? Sun's JDBC-ODBC driver does not implement the getPrimaryKeys() method for the DatabaseMetaData Objects.

How can I send input to an Excel file from my Java program?

Why can't Tomcat find my Oracle JDBC drivers in classes111.zip?

How can I write a CLOB object in weblogic using type 4 driver with Oracle?

I try to execute this procedure through CallableStatement, then I execute by calling the execute() method. When I process this using getMoreResults() & I am getting only update count, not my output parameter.

I'm using the Oracle thin driver to update a batch of records using a prepared statement, addBatch() and executeBatch(). All of the updates go through fine and the data is updated correctly, but all of the updateCounts returned are "-2". I haven't been able to find any documentation for the thin driver, so I don't know if this return code is something I should be worried about, or if I should just ignore it.

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