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What isolation level is used by the DBMS when inserting, updating and selecting rows from a database?

How can I determine the isolation levels supported by my DBMS?

I want to connect to remote database using a program that is running in the local network behind the proxy. Is that possible?

How do I receive a ResultSet from a stored procedure?

How can I write to the log used by DriverManager and JDBC drivers?

How can I get or redirect the log used by DriverManager and JDBC drivers?

What does it mean to "materialize" data?

Why do I have to reaccess the database for Array, Blob, and Clob data?

What is an SQL Locator?

How do I set properties for a JDBC driver and where are the properties stored?

I want to learn JDBC on a production quality DBMS, but I can't personally afford it. What can I do?

My company says it can't aford a DBMS. What can I do?

What is the JDBC syntax for using a literal or variable in a standard Statement?

How do I check in my code whether a maximum limit of database connections have been reached?

Many connections from an Oracle8i pooled connection returns statement closed.

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