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How does a custom RowSetReader get called from a CachedRowSet?

How do I implement a RowSetReader?

How can I instantiate and load a new CachedRowSet object from a non-JDBC source?

Can I set up a conection pool with multiple user IDs? The single ID we are forced to use causes probelems when debugging the DBMS.

How can I protect my database password ?

Detecting Duplicate Keys

What driver should I use for scalable Oracle JDBC applications?

Can you scroll a result set returned from a stored procedure?

Driver memory problem

How do I write Greek ( or other non-ASCII/8859-1 ) characters to a database?

How can I insert images into a Mysql database?

I'd like to evaluate the Object/Relational Mapping approach and products. Any discussion is helpful.

is is possible to open a connection to a database with exclusive mode with JDBC?

What are the standard isolation levels defined by JDBC?

Update fails without blank padding.

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