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I have stored image files in a database. Is there any way to display that image in a web browser by querying the database?

How do you find the number of records returned using the JDBC API? Is there a direct function call(like in other languages)? Right now we have to loop over the resultset to get the number(I guess the only way)

Will a call to PreparedStatement.executeQuery() always close the ResultSet from the previous executeQuery()?

How do I pass a Timestamp from JDBC to a database? Give me some database specific examples (MS Access etc.).

In distributed architecture (typical three tier consisting of thin client, middleware & database) which type of JDBC driver should be used and why?

How can I pool my database connections so I don't have to keep reconnecting to the database?

How can resultset records be restricted to certain rows?

I'm using a type 4 (pure Java) JDBC driver in an applet. It works fine in Netscape, but doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer. Why not?

When using JDBC-ODBC or Oracle thin JDBC drivers, some methods of ResultSet can't be used. (For example. ResultSet.first(), ResultSet.previous();) What is wrong?

How do I insert an image file (or other raw data) into a database?

How can I connect from an applet to a database on the server?

What is SQLJ and why would I want to use it instead of JDBC?

Can I use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver in an applet?

The java.sql package contains mostly interfaces. When and how are these interfaces implemented while connecting to database?

How can I manage special characters (for example: " _ ' % ) when I execute an INSERT query? If I don't filter the quoting marks or the apostrophe, for example, the SQL string will cause an error.

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