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Is there a common solution for checking if a user has email on an Exchange server from Java code?

How to get access to the mailbox where user id contains space in it?

How do I know about the SMTP and POP3 addresses of the mail service providers?

How do I fold a ParameterList?

What is folding?

How reliably can JavaMail parse messages?

After marking a message as deleted, is it possible to undo the deletion?

What is the disposition of a message?

How can I create an HTML message which will contain multiple images?

I'm getting a javax.mail.MessagingException: 501 unacceptable mail address thrown from my program, what can the problem be?

Where can I find out about the format of the Outlook Contacts database and the Exchange and Outlook Message and Public folders?

When sending mail through MS Exchange 200, I keep getting 421 Too many errors on this connection -- closing Any idea???

Where can I find a list of known bugs for JavaMail?

How do I change the content of a mime message bodypart and send out the updated message without having to copy it into a new message object?

How do I find out the mail message size before sending? MimeMessage.getSize() keeps reporting -1.

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