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Why do I keep getting a NULL when looking at the TO/FROM header fields?

Why do I get a NullPointer exception when I create an InternetAddress?

If I am sending a signed mail to an end user, whose mailserver doesn't support S/MIME, what would happen to the message?

I want to use formating characters like tab ( ) in my mail messages but they are having no effect when the MIME type is text. How can I format my mail message?

How to move message from one folder to another?

How do I send a mail message at a certain time?

How can I convert an Outlook mailbox/data file to Linux mbox format?

How can I remove headers in JavaMail?

Where can I find the sun.net.smtp.SmptClient class?

Where can I find the sun.net.smpt.SmptClient class?

What's new for JavaMail 1.3?

Does the JavaMail API support embedded uuecoded blocks?

How can I access my Hotmail account through the JavaMail API?

How to get message id of the mail that is sent (not read)?

Does anyone know of a JavaMail API implementation for Lotus Notes R5?

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