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What is PortableRemoteObject.narrow() method and what is used for? I found somewhere that it is "CORBA compliant". Why?

Does Stateful Session bean support instance pooling?

Application Exception and EJB Transaction. If I throw a custom ApplicationException from a business method in Entity bean which is participating in a transaction, would the transaction be rolled back by container? Does container rolls back transaction only in case of SystemExceptions?

EJB 2.0 CMP example. Where can I find an example that can help me in developing an Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 Container-Managed Persistence?

Static variables in EJB should not be relied upon as they may break in clusters. Why?

Why are ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() included for stateless session bean even though they are never required as it is a nonconversational bean?

Life Cycle of Stateful and Stateless Session Beans.

Why an onMessage call in Message-driven bean is always a seperate transaction?

About J2EE Application Server Scalibility Issue

What are all the steps that are required to port EJB 1.1 code to EJB 2.0 compatible?

What is the difference between Context, InitialContext and Session Context? How they are used?

EJB-JNI-Legacy Integration(C++ API)

Can I develop an Entity Bean without implementing the create() method in the home interface?

Can I write a method in CMP 2.0 Entity Bean which can retrieve some data from database (ie. is it possible to have a CMP entity bean mapped to a particular table and have a business method in it which retrieve some data from a different table)?

What is the need of Remote and Home interface. Why cant it be in one?

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