EJB Section Index | Page 25

While deploying CMP entity beans, which fields in the bean are container-managed and how are they identified?

What makes a Java class an enterprise bean?

How do I introspect a bean at run time to discover its type(s) and available methods?

What is a container?

How do I implement a logging system in my beans?

How do enterprise beans access native libraries?

What are all the different kinds of servers? (Such as Web Servers, Application Servers, etc)

How can my JSP page communicate with an EJB Session Bean?

Is entity data persisted at the end of a transaction or at any time?

What are the constraints or drawbacks of container managed EJB's ?

How can I access my EJBs from COM environments such as VB?

How do beans manage resource connections to back-end services other than databases ?

Is an EJB, JMS, or general-purpose Java application server a transaction manager?

Is it necessary for an entity bean to protect itself against concurrent access from multiple transactions?

How does an entity bean obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

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