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We are using Visibroker for Java 3.4 in our exisiting product. We use osagent and do static binding. We have an immediate need to deploy this application (Stand alone Java application communicating to application server thru CORBA) in Internet.

I am trying to build up a Development environment (using JBuilder) to write Corba Object Implementations, Corba Object Requests and Corba Server Implementations, all in Java. I am using Visibroker 4.0. Please help.

I am implementing a CORBA server object in CORBA client side. I wanted to start this CORBA server object from a client program but in a separate JVM. How can I do that?

What are some other references for event service?

What is the supplier-managed policy?

How can events be filtered?

What is chaining of event channels? Why chain event channels?

What's an event channel?

What is the format of the data associated with an event?

What is pull-style event communication?

What is push-style event communication?

Ok, a naming context will let me find other objects but how do I get the first naming context?

Can I name an object in more than one naming context? Can I give an object more than one name in a given context?

What is the kind field for?

What is a name?

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