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If I have structs which have inheritance, then can I represent these as idl types without using the ANY object, ie can I have inheritance with idl types?

How can a CORBA object receive a message from a database trigger?, For example, if some batch process updates a record in the database how can that event be sent to the CORBA object?

Does anybody have experience with the integration of Java CORBA with other CORBA implementations?

We have a Java applet which resides on the web server. It is CORBA based and talks to remote objects. We use Inprise's gatekeeper on the web server.

At present how many services are available in CORBA?

When I am trying to use Inprise's java2idl to convert Java interfaces to idl, it produces an error "Unable to initialize threads: cannot find class ava/lang/Thread could not create JVM"

How can a servlet be a CORBA client? Different CORBA vendors have different commands to run the programs. (eg. visibroker use "vbj client.class")

What's the current state of CORBA standards?

What are the differences between CORBA 2 and CORBA 3?

How do you make an object distributed in CORBA?

How are data and references to objects actually communicated across process boundaries?

Briefly explain the CORBA Architecture?

How do I interface a C++ application using CORBA with a Java server using RMI.

How does a CORBA client specify where to find the CORBA server when running on different JVM's?

I am working with Linux (SuSE 6.2) and Java 2. How it is possible for me to find ORB and work with CORBA ? In Java-SDK 2, I realize that nothing is available for linux platform.

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