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Where can I learn (more) about jGuru and how it works?

What is AOP?

What are the four phases of RUP?

What is RUP?

I believe the major problem with pair programming is that it makes the client think that 2 people are working one a task that should be done 1 person instead. What can I say to the client to convince them peer programming actually boosts productivity?

Where can I find market statistics on Java and Java developers? Things like number of developers, various industry segments, Java usage growth projections, etc....

Where can I learn (more) about software development processes?

What's the difference between a Use Case and an XP User Story?

Modeling: One 'ell' or two?

What Java tools support refactoring?

Where can I learn more about refactoring?

What books are available on refactoring?

What is refactoring?