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Are there any JSP engines which support JavaScript?

How can I debug my servlet?

How can I handle languages where keywords can also be identifiers?

Can I compile ANTLR to a binary executable (with GCJ?)?

If you change a rule action to do manual tree building, don't forget to put the '!' on that alternative to turn off the automatic tree building--the results can be quite confusing.

You can use ## as shorthand for the current rule subtree node in a tree walker. In PCCTS this was #0.

How do I build a list of nodes with no root?

How do I fix this error: Incompatible type for method. Can't convert arev.ArevAST to int.

How can I tell what subtree my tree walker is screwing up on?

What am I doing to get a cycle in my tree?

How can I know the context of an expression, like whether it is a statement itself or part of a while statement or actually a sub-expression?

How did I get an infinite loop in my parser?

I want to use a syntactic predicate, but only with one alternative.

My actions aren't getting executed when evaluating my syntactic predicates.

How can I get an exception thrown in the lexer to escape out to the parser's invoker?

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