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How do I get IntelliJ to generate serialVersionUID for me?

What license governs Eclipse?

Does NetBeans only support the Java language? Can I code in other languages in NetBeans?

How can I register new servers in NetBeans?

How can I change the compilation options in NetBeans?

Where does one get development tools for BenQ-Siemens phones?

What developer support options does Nokia offer for J2ME development?

Where do I get the tools to develop for the GSPDA Japser S20 JavaOne phone from SavaJe?

Where do I find support for J2ME development for the Motorola platform?

Where do I get the Sony Ericsson SDK for the Jav ME Platform?

How to extract a jar file.

How can I use a variable that contains HTML?

How do you get a password field with html:text? In HTML it's quite easy i.e. type=password. Tried the same using an html:form, but it doesn't recognise "type=password". Any ideas?

How does struts handle the input element if it is hidden? For example I have an input tag inside my form <input type=hidden value="" name="order">

Struts and javascript. I just started to learn struts and I found that we cannot name a form. So i want to know how to give name to a struts form and how to access and retrive data from struts form ( <html:form> - - - -<html:form> )elements using the java script ?

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