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What is the difference between startup.bat, shutdown.bat, and tomcat.bat?

Are there any good books about TINI available?

Trying to install Tomcat on Solaris, I get "tar : directory checksum error". How to fix this?

How do I set up Tomcat to run in-process inside Netscape 4.1?

Where are the servlet source files for JSPs compiled in Tomcat?

Can Tomcat be accessed without a port? Currently I have to access Tomcat through my IP plus my port. I would like to be able to access it with just the IP. Would creating a VIP be a solution here?

Is there a way to access the VAJ APIs from outside VAJ? For examle, to add files into the workspace without explicitly importing files from within the IDE.

Is there any documentation explaining the icons used to tag classes and methods in the VAJ code browsers?

How to configure JBuilder4 with JDK 1.3.1 ?

Where can I find a Java deployment tool which, when given a particular class, will find all of the classes needed to be able to execute that class (and, build a .jar of all of those classes)?

JBuilder 4 Easter Eggs. Is there any known Easter Egg in JBuilder 4 ?

about EJB performance Where can I find articles about EJB performance?

What is the maximum usable length for a 1-Wire cable?

Why do syntactic predicates sometimes lead to bizarre or distant error messages?

Where can I ask questions and otherwise learn (more) about technologies that don't currently have their own jGuru FAQ?