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I got a message saying that the workspace had become corrupted, that it was going to shutdown, and would restart, rebuilding the workspace. It's been out to lunch ever since

Now, when I launch VAJ, it gives me the splash screen, which goes away, and then nothing - no errors are displayed, no VAJ windows come up (not even the workbench), nothing.
What can I do to fix it?

What ports does the AS/400 Toolbox JDBC driver ( com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver ) use? My application needs to use JDBC through a firewall.

BInput + javascript. How do I include my own client side validation script to a BInput ?

Does Barracuda support existing standards?

So what is Barracuda all about? What's the vision behind this project?

I'm getting lots of javadoc warning messages in console when I run XDoclet. What's the problem? Can I avoid it?

Why are only some border types available in the Border Properties Editor in the Visual Composition Editor? Shouldn´t all the types that implements Border interface be available?

How can I import other XML parsers into VAJ without getting errors because of conflicts with the "IBM XML Parser" project?

How do I relate more then one radio button (JRadioButton) to a button group using VAJ's Visual Composition Editor?

What causes a VAJ workspace to become corrupt? How can it be prevented? Are the corrupt workspace problems fixed in later releases of VAJ?

Why is a sub-class generated from my EJB?

All of the EJB samples XDoclet provides are for EJB 2.0. Is it possible to write EJB 1.1 applications using XDoclet?

I know XDoclet has various @tags for various EJB containers. Does that mean my application will run on all application servers?

I don't like the code convention XDoclet uses for generating code. How can I change it?

Is it possible to use XDoclet without Ant?

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