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The Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) and Servlet Builder features do not appear in my copy of VAJ. What's wrong?

How can I develop a VCE-extendable GUI framework in VisualAge for Java?

How do I start up a browser from my Java application?

I get a NullPointerException when using property-to-property connections from or to a variable.

How do I visually add a page to a JTabbedPane?

I've changed my code but the console still shows the old output. What's happening?

Visual Components don't appear when I run my application.

How do I specify system properties when running my application?

How do I specify command-line arguments and/or system properties to my application?

My application won't run inside VisualAge for Java!

My application runs inside VisualAge, but not outside!

Why do I get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError or java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when I run my code in VisualAge for Java? All the classes are there and it compiles fine.

Is there any way to share the beans palette with other users?

How can I improve performance?

How can I use Swing 1.1.1 in the VCE in VAJ versions 2.0 and 3.0 (non-Java2 version)?

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