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What is Object Factory?

The Tab-Order function doesn't work with Swing Components.

How can I use the Model/View/Controller Paradigm in the Visual Composition Editor?

I added a method to a class but it doesn't appear in the list of methods for that type in the Visual Composition Editor. Why not?

Where can I get some useful information on Enterprise Edition team version control?

How do I delete code from the repository?

My application runs when I open it to Visual Composition! What's happening?

How do I debug a PropertyEditor or Customizer?

VisualAge seems to ignore changes my Customizer makes. What can I do?

Why doesn't my bean work in other bean tools like BeanBox?

Can I upgrade the JDK version?

What platforms does VisualAge for Java run on?

What version of the Java Platform (JDK) does VisualAge for Java support?

How do I submit a feature request?

How do I contact IBM technical support?

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