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Problem with the makefile of mod_webapp on Solaris.

I am running Tomcat as an NT service. How do I write a command file or a batch file that should run a Java class (or a jar file) and restart the Tomcat service (so that the java class results can take effect)?

How to run Tomcat as a background service from a telnet session?

Tomcat + Apache + Cocoon Performance bottleneck. How to find out the bottleneck is on Apache or tomcat or Cocoon? What can we do to improve the performance?

Does anyone know where I can obtain the DTD for Tomcat 4.0.1's server.xml ?

Different webapps using different log4j.properties file.

Is commercial support available for Tomcat?

I am attempting to configure Tomcat's WebDav application (http://localhost:8080/webdav) to allow everyone to view the directory. However I need authorized users to be able to edit the content of the directory.

Big fall of performance in integrating Apache with Tomcat.

Using Jasper and taglibs, how do I avoid the error "Code of a method longer than 65535 bytes"?

Where to put ResourceBundle files so my webapp can find them?

What is the best apache connector for Tomcat 4.0 -- mod_jk or mod_webapp?

Can I place my classes somewhere other than inside WEB-INF?

Does tomcat support Web Services?

How do I have to configure Tomcat 4.0 for using JDBC 2.0 DataSource objects?

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