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I put my JAR file inside WEB-INF/lib, but my classes are not getting found. However, when i unzipped classes into WEB-INF/classes/, it works. What's up?

What's the initial user name and password for Jakarta Tomcat 4's admin tool?

Why can't I upload image files using com.oreilly.servlet.multipart.FilePart?

Tomcat 4.0.x "Class org.apache.jsp.{Class} not found.

Fatal error: The encoding "Cp1252" is not supported.

Automatically redirect on SSL port?

How can I unit test my servlets?

Reverse Proxying and Redirection issue.

"Unable to load class" message under Tomcat 3.

Is there a way to save files to a directory which will survive upgrades to the web application?

Tomcat 4 and XML Parsers.

Cannot run Tomcat 4.0.1 under Linux (Suse 7.2)... getting Segmentation Fault.

Where should I copy the class file of applet in Tomcat? Where should I copy respective HTML file?

Why is Tomcat 4.0 so slow when connecting via a URLConnection?

Where is the isapi_redirect.dll ISAPI filter for Tomcat 4.0? For earlier version of Tomcat (3.x.x) there was an ISAPI filter for IIS that would redirect jsp requests to the Tomcat server. Is there a version of this DLL for Tomcat 4.0? If not, how can I accomplish the same functionality with 4.0 that I got with the ISAPI filter in 3.x.x?

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