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Where can I find the list of httpd error codes that Tomcat can produce?

Problem with Tomcat (4 and 3.3.x) with Cocoon 1.8.2: Logicsheet util.xsl not found

Tomcat4 and AJP12 Connector

Configuring cgi-bin virtual path in a stand alone Tomcat 4 installation

Tomcat 4.0.1 startup memory fault on SUSe 7.1

Does Tomcat 4 (Catalina) run with JDK 1.4?

How do I configure Tomcat 4.0 with the Apache 2.0 web server on a Windows 2000 server?

Can I update the web.xml (of my context) using my servlet?

Why request.getRemoteUser() returns NULL ?

Tomcat does " unescape " the underscore (_) char when it is part of a war file. Why? Is there any way to disable this?

How can I ensure that Tomcat compiles servlets with debugging info included (-g option of the javac compiler)?

"Out of environment space" when running Tomcat on Windows 98.

Tomcat 4.0.x with AOLserver 3.4.2. Does anyone have any information on how to integrate Tomcat 4.0.x with AOLserver 3.4.2?

Is possible to subdir webapps directory?

How to setup Tomcat 4.0.x on Windows 2000 with IIS as an NT Service?

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