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How can Struts check for a set of global conditions before processing an action?

Does an Action have to return an ActionForwarding?

Reset for validation

How can you tell if a form bean was automatically created?

Why is the form bean automatically created by both servlet and form tag?

Using action classes as adapters and session EJBs for business logic sounds like a good way to go. Is also using EJBs as actionforms is a good idea because they are a good target for object reuse/

How can you prevent users from accessing a JSP directly that is designed to be used from an Action?

Is there is some kind of "j2ee compliant" way of doing user authentication and role-assignment - are there any standards one is supposed to use?

Can we configure a separate log for each application?

Does anyone know the performance difference between a direct method call andintrospection like Struts uses?

Is the Struts object-orientated appropriate for small, heavily-loaded servers?

Under Netscape 4.7 for Windows, the html:form focus feature doesn't work properly. Is there a work around?

Is it possible to combine dynamic Javascript menu systems with Struts?

How do I use Javascript to perform validation in Struts?

How do I use Javascript with my Struts forms?

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