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Is it possible to use a DateFilter without a query?

How can I get all documents in the index? Is there a query that will return all of them?

Is the IndexWriter class, and especially the method addIndexes(Directory[]) thread safe?

Is there a way to use a proximity operator (like near or within) with Lucene?

Is there a way to limit the size of an index?

Does MultiSearcher do anything particularly efficient to search multiple indices or does it simply search one after the other?

How do I get the last document added that has a particular term?

How does one determine which documents do not have a certain term?

What is the order of fields returned by Document.fields()?

How do I delete documents from the index?

How do I restrict searches to only return results from a limited subset of documents in the index (e.g. for privacy reasons)?

What happens when you IndexWriter.add() a document that is already in the index? Does it show up twice or does it overwrite the previous document?

Is the IndexSearcher thread-safe?

Is the QueryParser thread-safe?

What wildcard search support is available from Lucene?

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