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Where can I find WebLogic specific DTD's ?

Are there any examples on setting up a WebLogic 5.x with MSSQL 7.0?

Can the activation/passivation of beans be tuned so that passivation is NOT done unless absolutely necessary. Which servers support this, and how?

What is the PeerGoneException which is being thrown by WebLogic?

In ATG Dynamo, how can I turn off logging to the console window?

What can I do if my Servlet is receiving a NullPointerException when accessing init parameters via the ServletConfig object in WebLogic?

In WebLogic 6.0, the EJB Deployer tool has been deprecated, what do I use now?

When I try load *.jsp files, I see the source code of each JSP files in my browser, what is wrong?

Which WebLogic 4.5x/5.x property is used to control the number of queued requests inside the WebLogic server?

When calling an EJB from another EJB should they both be packaged in same JAR?. Are the any preferences for Weblogic or any other servers?

Is there an example of how to configure the J2EE Reference Server to use an external JDBC driver, e.g. the Oracle Thin JDBC Driver ?

In WebLogic 5.1, what options are there for Session Persistence? How do they compare in relation to performance, and level of fail-over?

Where can I find Inprise/Borland AppServer specific DTD's

Are there any other Inprise/Borland AppServer FAQs available?

In Weblogic, where do you find the classes for the javax.naming and javax.sql packages?

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