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I'm working on the lexer for a language which allows abbreviated keywords Any suggestions for handling this in ANTLR's lexer?

How do I pass extra parameters to AST constructors?

Can ANTLR-generated Java classes be made non-public so they are not visible outside the package?

Understanding ANTLR's mysterious error messages.

How do I turn off #line directive generation for the C++ code generator?

How do I recognize tokens defined as "from here to end of line" such as in a "print" command where the argument is everything after the "print" to end of line?

Which version of ParserView is needed with the newer ANTLR 2.7.0 release? I tryed to use the one specified in the installation html but it generates files with compilation errors.

Is it possible to have antlr generate parsers from more than one grammar file at one time?

Is it safe to invoke rules from within actions? Could this ever upset the flow of the parser?

Where can I download Microsoft VC project file to build CPP LIB for ANTLR?

How can I allow single-line comments with EOF on the end instead of a newline?

Is there an easy way to include comments and white space in a Java AST Tree (for, say, a code reformatter)?

Is there a reasonable C++ grammar (and tree grammar) available for ANTLR 2.x?

How can I parse an HTML page to capture a URL returned from, e.g., a search engine?

How can I add "imaginary" nodes (nodes without corresponding input token) to my AST?

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