Core Java Technology Section Index | Page 117

Where can I find a byte code obfuscator?

Where do I find a complete list of ISO-3166 country codes for creating Locale objects?

Where can I find a list of the ISO-639 language codes used to create Locale objects?

How can I speed up serialization?

Why doesn't serialization save the value of static variables?

Where can I get Jini?

How can I speed up array accesses and turn off array bounds checking?

How do I get the length of an array?

How do I do a case-sensitive sort in a language-insensitive manner?

How do I synchronize a collection?

Why am I having an InvalidClassException thrown during the serialization of my object which implements the Externalizable interface?

What are the security ramifications of using the Externalizable interface?

How do I print a Collection?

Why doesn't the Iterator interface extend the Enumeration interface?

Which is the preferred collection class to use for storing database result sets?

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