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What is the historical context of Java's thread model? For example, what's a monitor?

How much overhead is associated with management of a ThreadLocal object ?

How can I control which waiting thread is notified when I call notify()?

What causes ThreadDeath to happen? I've noticed that Thread.sleep() invokes them somehow. But why? How to avoid them?

What is the keyword volatile used for? What sort of situations should I use volatile when developing a multi-threaded application?

What is a thread dump, how do I obtain one, and how do I read it?

How do I schedule a task to run repeatedly?

How do I schedule a task to run at a certain time?

How do wait and notify really work?

How can I actually, really deallocate a Thread to release the memory? Setting thread = null does not work!

Is it possible to interrupt a running thread? InterruptedException is only thrown if the thread is interrupted while in the sleep state and calling interrupt() on a running thread has no effect.

What is the meaning of calling a method or object "thread-safe?"

What is Apartment Threading, and how does it apply to Java?

How can I synchronize access to my service object so that multiple clients may have read-only access, but a client that needs to write gets exclusive access?

What happens to multithreading in java if the operating system does not support it?

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