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What policies/permissions are needed to use drag and drop in an applet?

Which servlet engines support HTTPS (SSL) connections?

How can I get the current user and password under MS Windows?

Are there any JNDI service providers which support Micrsoft's Windows security/authentication services?

What is the policy file and how exactly does this work?

How does the security manager interact with the classloaders?

Are there any Java implementations of the SSH v2 protocol?

How do I connect to an IMAP server over an SSL connection?

Where can I find the documentation for the .jar manifest file?

It seems that you need to use a signed script if you wish to unconditionally close a browser window using the window.close() method. Netscape offers their "signtool" utility for signing scripts, but I'm using Internet Explorer (and I don't want to install Netscape). How can I create a signed script, given these circumstances? Alternatively, is there another way of closing a window that doesn't require a signed script?

Are there any JDBC drivers available that support using SSL to communicate between the Java program and the database server?

Where do I find the com.ms.security.* classes, so I can sign my code for use in IE?

Are there any mailing lists covering XML encryption?

What is PGP?

Is SRP patented or not?

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