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Why am I getting the port number -1 when I use the getPort() method of URL?

What is a resource leak?

How can I find the size of a remote HTML document?

How do I set the referer for a URLConnection?

How can I get URLConnection to bypass the proxy for certain addresses?

What is the best way to launch the default e-mail editor from a Java Application. Can a new message be automatically sent to the editor?

Does a URLConnection using the FTP protocol support that protocol's RESTART command? If so, how can I initiate a restart?

How would you send a file over a socket connection?

Can I cast the return object from URL.openConnection() to an HttpURLConnection in an applet?

What is the default space name used for a JavaSpace, and how do I change this default?

Where is the source code for all the examples in the <JINI_ROOT>/example directory of the Jini distribution?

Is HTTP proxy supported when using java.net.Socket instead of URLConnection? I need to use Socket so I can use setSoTimeout() for non-blocking reads. When I switched from URLConnection to Socket, the proxyHost and proxyPort system properties had no effect.

How can I get InetAddress.getByName() to work through a proxy server?

What does JavaSpaces use to represent a "tuple"?

Are there any books which cover JavaSpaces?

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