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How can I connect to a HTTPS server from within a servlet?

Is it possible for an Java application that running on the Windows NT workstation to get the computer name and the user name of the machine it is running on?

What things need to be considered if I want to run my network application from behind a firewall?

Is there a Telnet class in Java that other java applications could use to talk the Telnet protocol??

How do I configure a HostnameVerifier on an HttpsURLConnection?

Where can I find the documentation for the Brazil classes?

Are there any free Jini books available online?

What is "local loop back" used in networking.

Where can I learn (more) about TINI (Tiny InterNet Interface)?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

Are there any implementations of JavaSpaces, other than the one from Sun?

What is URL rewriting and how is it used to maintain session information?

How can I make FTP connections through a proxy server?

How do I determine the interface names (e.g. "eth0") and netmasks of the local host interfaces?

What's the difference between TFTP and FTP? Does Java support TFTP?

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