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How do I stop my HTTP URL connections from following redirects?

I'm using Java sockets to exchange data with a server written in C. How can I convert my integer values to Network Byte Order so the C server can read them properly?

How do I create an SSL socket from a Java applet?

How can my application or applet programmatically use HTTPS to talk to a servlet? Can I do it with just the Java 2 SDK?

When retrieving data over HTTP, how do I monitor server response codes? For example, if the server I am connecting to redirects (response code 3xx), how can I tell and how do I get the new host name?

Why are there no constructors for the InetAddress class?

I need to build some FTP capabilities into my client. Is there open source for FTP clients in Java?

Can I run Jini on my TINI?

What is the difference between Jini and JavaSpaces?

What is JavaSpaces?

What is the range of valid ports for a ServerSocket to listen to?

How do I use the nonstandard sun.net.ftp.FtpClient class to FTP a file from a server?

How do I get the real local host IP address in an application (or trusted applet)?

How can I get the real local host IP address in an applet?

When I connect to a URL from my applet, I get a security exception, why?

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