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How do you get profiling to work with the Linux JVMs? The standard bundled profiler, hprof, fails to generate useful output for the options.

How can I reliably create files from servlets on Linux in a platform-portable way? Code that successfully creates a new file under Windows fails with permission problems under Linux.

To run Apache JServ under Linux, what environment variables need to be set in the jserv.properties file? How are they set?

How can an applet find the Netscape plugin directory under Linux?

Where can I find out what optional Java packages are available for Linux?

Who/What is Blackdown?

Which JVM implementations let you increase the number of simultaneously open files?

How can a Java program running in the background properly clean up when the system is shut down?

How difficult is it to move from developing Java on Windows to developing on Linux?

How can I create a JVM using JNI in Linux?

How can Java programs authenticate passwords from the Linux passwd or shadow password files?

Which Linux JDK ports use native threads and which use green threads?

Why don't modal dialogs (such as JOptionPane dialog boxes) stay on top?

Why do applets have so many problems under Netscape/Linux?

How does Linux handle Java thread priorities?

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