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When I try to access a native method from my DLL, I just get an "UnsatisfiedLinkError." What is the problem?

What are the viable alternatives for calling EJBs from non-Java programs? Specifically, I'm interested in calling EJBs (probably indirectly) from plain old C language.

Where can I get documentation (similar to javadocs) for JNI functions?

Can I achieve the power of C's pointers in Java using JNI?

I have an existing API library, which is written in C. I'm programming the Java side that should use this API. In order to do so, I want to use JNI. I started to wrap these functions and I have a problem with return types: almost all functions return pointers to the non-simple types, but to very complex types defined in that library. What can I do in such a case?

How can I build a DLL in order to use it on Netscape 4.x browsers. What privileges do I need to grant the applet?

I want to find out from the Windows registry where a particular product has been installed. Is there any site that gives the native code and the JNI code to do this? If not, can you suggest a way by which this can be done?

For an upcoming project, I will be calling Java from C++ on a multi-processor AIX UNIX box. I'm comfortable with the native code, but I am not clear regarding the appropriate Java threading model.

How do I set the computer clock?

What is J/Direct?

What is RNI?

Where can I get the code examples from the Rob Gordon JNI book?

Where can I get the code examples from the Sheng Liang JNI book?

Are there any good resources on the web to learn about JNI?

What is JNI?

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