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How can I call Java Methods containing String parameter(s) using JNI?

Is there an easy way to call C++ code from Java and the other way around?

Do C++ iostreams work from JNI functions?

How do I call a C function which takes a pointer as parameter from my Java program?

After passing an object to a native method, how do you access its member variables if they are arrays of primitives?

How do I pass an array of primitives to a native method, like a char[]? And how do I define/access it from the C/C++ side?

How can I access native methods using the Java Native Interface (JNI) from a J2ME application?

Can I shut down my computer from a java application under Windows 95?

How do I communicate with a USB port from Java?

Should my application run with green threads or native threads if I'm writing JNI code?

When you use System.loadLibrary("some dll"); from a trusted applet, where does Netscape look for the library?

How I can call a JNI method from a servlet? I have tried, but I received the error message " java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: sincro ". (sincro is my JNI method.

I have written my first RMI/JNI based sample program. I load the applet which gets the stub from the RMI server properly and when it invokes native methods in the remote object, the following error message is shown: "java.langAbstractMethodError". How can I fix this error?

How do I prevent Swing components being drawn over by my JNI JAWT canvas? Normal AWT components are fine and draw over the top, but not my Swing version.

Can ADOs in the msado15.dll be used to build Java applications using Sun's JDK 1.3, or does it work only with the MS SDK or Visual J++?

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