JNI Section Index

How can i initiate a shutdown (CTRL+ALT+DEL) without using JNI on my Windows box?

What are the basic techniques for debugging mixed java and C++ code?

Tools for Native Exe generation. What tools can i use to generate a native executable from my *.class files?

How can i access java from Python (and the other way around)? Are there any JNI wrappers which can bridge the gap between the two?

How can i integrate a Swing GUI with a legacy application using X11, Motif, and OpenGL using JNI?

How can i embed Mozilla's ActiveX Plugin and/or IE Plugin inside my AWT/SWING application using JNI?

Is there a tutorial or sample for writing a COM Object and also JNI code to call it from a java client?

Is there a cross-platform alternative to COM? Are there JNI wrappers such that i can use java to write the components?

What are the new features added to JDK1.4 (Merlin) related to JNI?

What is JAWIN?

Is there a sample Java application built using MacOS X's ProjectBuilder that calls native code through JNI?

Is there a JNI layer over the MATLAB engine that i could use?

how to create object of a C++ class in my servlet ?

Is it possible to make calls to C or C++ methods from a servlet?

How to check for the validation of a Unix login username and password from Java?