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Is there a way in Java to compress or combine a group of files that will preserve file permissions and file ownerships? I have tried JarOuputStream and ZipOutputStream and neither seem to work.

How can I read a file from the applet's JAR file?

How would I write the equivalent of a tail -f command in Java?

How can I get email addresses out of an MS Outlook database, and add knew ones?

Can you change file permissions in Java (i.e. the equivalent of chmod)?

Is there a way in Java to find out the available free space on a disk drive?

How can I determine the byte length of an object that I serialize to a stream?

How can I create a record-based file data structure in Java?

What is a resource leak?

How can I get the current working directory with Java?

How do I close a file after accessing it?

How can I specify which characters StreamTokenizer treats as token delimiters?

Where can I find an example of a Java application that communicates with equipment via an RS232 serial port?

When recursively descending a directory tree, how does one avoid an infinite loop in the case that a directory entry is actually a symbolic link to a directory higher up in the tree? I'm using the listFiles() method for File objects to list the files in a directory, and then isDirectory() to determine whether I need to recurse.

How do I unzip a file that is password-protected?

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