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How do I use the java.util.zip classes to create a ZIP file?

How can I wake a thread that is blocked on a call to InputStream.read()?

Is there any way to communicate between two classes within an application using InputStreams and OutputStreams?

Is there a convenient way of writing formatted strings similar to printf in C?

How do I check for end-of-file when reading from a stream?

What is meant by canonical path and canonical file?

How can I read .zip and .jar file using standard Java classes?

When using object streams over sockets, I have to flush the streams after each write operation. In fact I even have to flush the output stream soon after creation. Is there a way out of this?

Could you describe the architecture behind jGuru.com: JSP, Servlets, database, servers, transactions etc...?

How can I get an event or notification when a file is changed or modified using standard java.io classes?

How can I see from an applet the names of files and directories that are in the server?

I'm writing to a socket using a buffered stream. When control returns after write() is invoked, has the data been sent over the network or just copied to the buffer? How does the user get notification of a network failure if the data is just put into the buffer?

StringBufferInputStream has been deprecated; the documentation recommends you use StringReader instead. Yet, many stream-related methods in other classes (often those that predate the deprecation) will only accept an InputStream. How does one send an InputStream that came from an in-memory string?

How are the serial/parallel I/O ports set up and accessed from a Java program?

How do I check for the existence of a file?

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