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How do I delete a file / directory?

The PropertyResourceBundle class constructor takes an InputStream (not a Reader). Does this mean that the property files that back the PropertyResourceBundle always have to be encoded in ASCII (Cp1252 really on windows)? How are people (localizers) dealing with that in Japan/Korea/China etc.?

How can I change time and date of a file?

Where can I store temporary files?

How do I get a listing of the files in a directory?

When reading with a Reader from an ASCII source, how does the Reader know it is ASCII/8-bit instead of Unicode/16-bit data?

How can I compress/uncompress a long string or a file (of any type)?

How do I set a default character encoding for file I/O operations, JDBC requests and so on?

From an applet, how do I get information, like size and creation time, about a file on the server?

Where can I find a regular expression package in Java?

How do I detect end of stream in a non-blocking manner when reading a stream through URL/URLConnection, if available() reports nothing to read on end of stream?

How can I store and retrieve Unicode or Double Byte data in a file using the java.io libraries?

Under what circumstances would I use random access I/O over sequential, buffered I/O?

How do I modify (add/delete) the content of an existing JAR file?

How can I efficiently compare two binary files for equality?

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