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How do I convert a String from Unicode to another encoding and vice versa?

Where can I find a DecimalFormat that will handle BigDecimals? The JDK docs say that only Longs and Doubles are currently ( 1.3 ) returned.

What is the difference between UTF-8 and UTF-16?

What is the Java Internationalization and Localization Toolkit/Where can I get it?

How can I allow input of different decimal symbols, say, 314,4 vs 314.4? And how can I get the value as a number?

How can I format the default timezone as GMT [+/-]HH:MM?

How do I change the ComponentOrientation of JOptionPane dialogs created via the static JOptionPane.show<xxx>Dialog or showInternal<xxx>Dialog methods?

Where can I find fonts for Unicode and i18n support?

Why doesn't my I18N application run properly under the JRE?

I have a requirement to store Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more data in SQL Server. How?

Any recommendations on where to begin study/research on i18n before we start development (websites, articles, books, etc...)?

What internationalization areas does Java support?

How do I alter the reading order of components in a JPanel? When I change a panel's Locale to one with a Right to Left order, the components are still laid out Left to Right.

Are there any classes to support 'joining' of letters? (For example in Arabic script the letters are joined together according to their state.)

What does UTF stand for?

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